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Consistency Wins the Day

This is Cronin Creative blog #227. Phew. That’s a lot of blogs. And to think I initially resisted the whole idea. As a former music journalist accustomed to getting paid to write, doing it for free held little appeal. To quote the mentor that turned


Striving for Awesome Simplicity

At Cronin Creative, we’re always striving for simplicity. Delivering highly distilled content coupled with clean, spacious design, we are definitely of the less-is-more persuasion. Among our heroes in that regard are German designer and minimalist Dieter Rams and groundbreaking art director George Lois. Both are referenced


Want a Killer Elevator Speech? Take These Steps!

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re at a networking event, someone asks what you do, and suddenly your tongue gets tied in knots. The most commonly prescribed solution to this problem is the “elevator speech,” that snappy explanation that quickly sums up you


It’s All About That Space

While the pandemic kept most of us isolated for the past year, it obviously hasn’t had the same effect on Nashville’s developers and builders. Looking to the left and to the right at once familiar intersections, what were once unobstructed views are now completely obscured


Simplicity Isn’t Necessarily Simple

I posted a photo of my new kitchen sink on Facebook last week. That’s how much I love the easy functionality of this thing. It’s wide, it’s exceptionally deep and roomy, and, as I pointed out in my Facebook post, it’s simple. Well, maybe not


The Creative Power of Happy Accidents

Often, when discussing design projects with clients, the question of exactly how the finished product is going to look comes up. Now, I may have something swirling around in my head, or maybe my client does, but I am always careful to make no promises.