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Don’t Forget the Fun Part!

"If we’re not having fun, we're doing it wrong." I've heard the above quote attributed to both Groucho Marx and to Cowboy Jack Clement, and the lives of those two quirky, wickedly creative personalities are proof enough of the truth behind the words. As a company charged

The Colorful Art of Logo Design

One of our favorite of the many and varied things we get to do at Cronin Creative is designing logos. Your logo is at the very heart of your brand. Think of it as the face of your business, that all-important first impression. Just as


Do You Make Yourself Clear?

When clients encounter our tagline – Clarity by Design™ – they generally think of the clean, spacious graphic design and highly distilled copy that have long been Cronin Creative’s stock in trade. In a crowded marketplace, expressing the unique advantages of your business as clearly


How Goal Setting Breeds Clarity

It happens every year. After weeks of holiday partying and over-indulging, folks jump enthusiastically into strictly regimented diet plans and head to the gym to right their personal ship and get themselves back into shape. By the end of January, those same gyms are empty,


Don’t Be Afraid to be Provocative

Provoke pro·​voke | \ prə-ˈvōk  \ transitive verb a: to call forth (a feeling, an action, etc.)  b: to stir up purposely While the word “provoke” often connotes an angry response, the above definition from Merriam Webster could double as a definition of what effective marketing should always do. When I purchased my “Books” baseball cap


Keeping Your Brand Between the Lines

Among the most important elements of any effective branding strategy is consistency. Your brand is really the sum total of a number of key touch points that affect your business internally and externally every day. Maintaining consistency across all of them presents a constant and