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The Brand Police Are Your Friends

Working as a graphic designer, I often hear the term “brand police” bandied about by my fellow designers. And when it comes to creating, explaining, and/or enforcing brand standards, I am fully capable of being the bad cop. The elements around any brand – from


We Support The Bright Heart Foundation

One of the real benefits of establishing our own design and communications firm has been the opportunity to work with some wonderful non-profits over the years. With February designated as American Heart Month by the American Heart Association, we’re currently focusing on The Bright Heart


The Perils of Brand Fatigue

Effective branding is all about relationships. I was reminded of this fact after shopping for some new furniture at one of our favorite stores. We chose this particular retailer for the styles they feature and for their not-so-crazy prices. Overall, we're pretty happy with how


Listen To The Bee Gees

I met the Bee Gees once. That overexcited guy to Barry Gibb’s right? Yeah, that’s me. I’m sure many of you caught “The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,” the recent HBO documentary on the brothers Gibb. As a lifelong fan who


The Advantages of a Mixed Message

A while back, working with a client on a marketing strategy, we began to review the various media we might consider when the client suddenly laid down the law. “We don’t do print, period,” were his exact words. As much as we tried to gently


Go Ahead, Sweat the Details!

I learned it back in art school: Take the time to give your attention to every little design detail. That valuable lesson didn’t really hit home until I was out in the professional world. Designing a direct mail piece for a client, I was thinking