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Why It Always Pays To Be Yourself

“Just be yourself, and you’ll do fine.” At one time or another, all of us have been given that good advice from well-meaning parents, friends or colleagues. But pulling that off, actually being one’s genuine self, is sometimes not as simple as it sounds.  When Cronin


Reaping The Benefits Of A Weekly Blog

A few years back I was meeting with a mentor discussing various options we might explore to expand our company’s presence in the market and grow the business. He immediately suggested a regular blog, and I immediately resisted. As a former professional journalist, I was


Hooked By Graphic Design!

Back in the day, when I eked out living as a struggling musician and there was no such thing as social media, promotional tools for local bands consisted of a flyer, a staple gun, and a telephone pole. Every reachable inch of the pole would


Infographics To The Rescue!

With a tagline that celebrates “Clarity By Design,” one of our specialties here at Cronin Creative is taking complex ideas and concepts and distilling them down to their easily understood essence. Whether it’s introducing a new and not-so-easily explained business model or designing an effortlessly


Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus

There’s a phrase you’ll hear tossed around by songwriters struggling through a co-writing session. “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” usually elicits a chuckle or two, but it’s actually one of those casual-but-cardinal rules of commercial country songwriting.  It’s also good advice for any business