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The MLC – Closing the Digital Pay Gap

The digital age has ushered in some truly substantial and revolutionary changes in our daily lives. Improved communication, instant access to unlimited information, remote work, increased productivity and efficiency, cost savings, and entire job categories that didn’t exist just a few years back; these are


Want a Killer Elevator Speech? Take The Steps!

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re at a networking event, someone asks what you do, and suddenly your tongue gets tied in knots. The most commonly prescribed solution to this problem is the “elevator speech,” that snappy explanation that quickly sums up you


Embrace Your Difference – Grow Your Brand

One of the real challenges associated with operating a business is the building of a distinctive and authentic brand that separates your company from the competition. A good way to get to the heart of the matter is to focus on the "human" side of


Want to Make an Impact? Hit the Wall!

This past weekend we had family in town. Die-hard country music fans from Rhode Island, they came for the Lower Broadway live music experience, and they got what they came for! As longtime Nashville residents, we chose to sit this one out, but our guests


Get Your Business in Shape with a Brand Audit

A few years back I had my introductory meeting/assessment with my first-ever personal trainer. He took one look at me and let me know, in the gentlest way possible, that I had work to do. He was right. Between one thing and another I’d just


Your Brand Personality – The Great Persuader!

When it's done right, brand messaging should inspire, persuade, and motivate your potential customers to action. If a business owner puts in the work, the "inspire and persuade" part often falls into place naturally. Most of us are proud and passionate about the product or