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The Benefits of Strategic Website Design

With his bestselling books and “Duct Tape Marketing” blog, John Jantsch is one of our go-to guys for business advice and insights. But when he starts a blog with this sentence – “Not to pick on web designers, but in today’s business world, you need


Stand By Your Brand (Part Two)

Here at Cronin Creative, we work with our clients on the various touch points – from design to messaging to strategic marketing – that make up their unique brand. Once you’ve put those elements together and established that authentic brand, however, it’s up to you


A Little Text On Texture

A few years back, I was planning our backyard garden with my “green thumb” friend, Kathleen. Thankfully, she took the time to explain the importance of considering texture when selecting plants. Even though most of the shrubs would have leaves the various shades of green,


Clarity – Write This Way!

As someone whose career has often been dependent upon an ability to produce clear and succinct writing, I become frustrated at the level of writing skills I encounter doing business every day. According to the "Harvard Business Journal," I am not alone.  Author Josh Bernoff


Looking for Inspiration? Be Prepared!

Funny thing about creative inspiration, it can come from anyone or anywhere, from anything at any time. You just have to be there and be aware to catch it. This little red toy piano was recently re-gifted to me by my very grown up and


The Hidden Charms Of A Limited Menu

One of our very favorite Nashville restaurants is Margot Café & Bar over on the East side of town. A chef-driven enterprise, Margot Café posts a different menu every week, depending on the season and availability of fresh, local ingredients. Margot, the chef/proprietor, is a