Get Away To It All With a Company Retreat 
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Get Away To It All With a Company Retreat 


Get Away To It All With a Company Retreat 

Last week we dropped everything and headed off to the woods for our bi-annual company retreat. Wrapped up in the rush of everyday projects, it’s sometimes hard to imagine actually taking a break from the day-to-day, but it’s always worth it. Rather than getting away from it all, our retreats are all about getting away to it all. It’s a chance to kick back, celebrate successes, and consider challenges from a refreshing distance.

Whether it’s a white board session or a hike in the hills, good ideas get tossed around, priorities rise to the surface, goals get articulated, and clarity sets in. And it’s not all about work. We also appreciate the team-building power of enjoying great food and drink together, and letting the imagination run wild. Here are a few of the good things that can come with getting away with the team.

Things look different from a distance.

It’s true. When you step way back, the small things appear as they are, small. And the big issues come into focus in a fresh, sometimes enlightening way. It always helps to look at things from a different angle, and, in this case, in a different setting. The relaxed environment allows for bigger, more imaginative thinking, and good ideas come from unexpected places.    

Your team becomes more of a team.

Hanging out in a non-workspace is a great way for team members to get to know and appreciate each other and maybe see a different, sometimes surprising, side of the people they work with every day. That stuff lasts well beyond the retreat, energizing the work and helping to foster the kinds of relationships that are the foundation of a healthy corporate culture.

It doesn’t cost a cent.

Done right, retreats make money. For the past several years, we’ve gotten away bi-annually, and I can say from experience that implementing the goals we establish at our getaways has paid off big time and paid for those retreats many times over.

Things get better.

There’s a bundle of research out there showing that taking healthy breaks – whether it’s a company retreat or a vacation – increases employee focus and can lead to a significant rise in productivity. What’s not to love?

At Cronin Creative, we’re lucky. We’ve got a line on a premium glamping spot, a sweet little cabin in the woods where we get away to work on our business on a regular basis. One thing’s for sure; wherever you choose to do it, a company retreat is worth the trip.  

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