What’s Behind a Great Logo?
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What’s Behind a Great Logo?


What’s Behind a Great Logo?

Here at Cronin Creative, we’re logo nerds. We can’t help ourselves. Driving around town, we’re constantly commenting on this or that logo. Is it cool? Is it classic? Is it retro-neon-funky? Is it just plain ugly? Logos are built into the DNA of our culture. They’re all around us, influencing our decisions and affecting the way we communicate. 

One of our favorite designers, Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, once described a logo as “an empty vessel that you pour meaning into.” Indeed, the prevailing wisdom is that the real value of a logo only accrues over time as people interact with it and associate it with a company’s reputation and their own experience with the brand.

As he knows well, creating Bierut’s “empty vessel” isn’t an isolated process of drawing lines and placing pictures on a page. A thorough understanding of the brand, its mission, its values, and its place in the market is essential in the design of an effective logo.

Just as your values are the foundation of your business, your logo is the foundation of your brand. It is truly the “face” of your business, the most forward-facing element of your brand in the marketplace.

At Cronin Creative, we take a holistic approach to logo design. Whether it’s a simple wordmark, a pictorial logo, or something more abstract, we approach it as part of a larger process, with the logo design phase beginning well into the overall brand development. In other words, the establishment of a genuine brand differentiator precedes the creation of the logo. Conceptually speaking, a Cronin Creative-designed logo is informed by the brand’s authentic story so that it projects that authenticity.

Without that background research and understanding, a logo is like those buildings on a Hollywood movie set; it might look great from the front, but behind that façade there’s just nothing there. That drawing you quickly drew on a napkin may look cool and kind of catchy, but it is decidedly not your logo. Your logo should stand as an integral part of your overall brand. Built from the ground up on a strong foundation, it will grow in value and stand the test of time.

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