Want to Make an Impact? Hit the Wall!
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Want to Make an Impact? Hit the Wall!


Want to Make an Impact? Hit the Wall!

This past weekend we had family in town. Die-hard country music fans from Rhode Island, they came for the Lower Broadway live music experience, and they got what they came for! As longtime Nashville residents, we chose to sit this one out, but our guests came back raving about the whole experience, from the music in the clubs to the crowds in the street to, yes, the many murals festooning the building facades.

It’s become a familiar sight; a gaggle of bachelorettes posing in front of a giant pair of angel wings or a “We Love Nashville” sign. However you might feel about the crushing crowds lined up to pose in front of them, these outdoor murals bring a welcome splash of local color and authentic personality to some pretty drab cityscapes.

Savvy brick-and-mortar businesses have jumped on the mural bandwagon. For the cost of hiring an artist and his or her paint supplies, these business owners get to promote their brand in a large way while simultaneously showcasing Nashville’s formidable creative community and beautifying the neighborhood. A win/win/win!

Adventure Science Center’s “Galactic Gardens” announcement ( Artist: East Side Murals), Green Fleet Bicycle Shop’s Jefferson Street mural (artist: Dough Joe (Yusef Hubb), 12 & Porter’s musical mural, (artist: Kim Kennedy) – this kind of ad-based art brands these businesses as caring and community-oriented.

We particularly love the mural outside Thistle Farms Café, our favorite local nonprofit and social enterprise. With its simple, all-inclusive message – “Love Heals Every Body” – it not only succinctly expresses the Thistle Farms mission, it broadcasts a message of positivity to thousands of people every day on one of Nashville’s major in- and out-going arteries.

“Street art is no longer rejected as merely deleterious graffiti or vandalism, but rather, it can be the source of civic pride, public artistry, and outdoor engagement in cities across America,” says Forbes contributor Wendy Altschuler. “Strategically placed art – on the side of a business, under a bridge, on the exterior walls of a community center – not only helps with the beautification of a neighborhood, but also, it can be a return of investment for commerce.”

We couldn’t agree more. If you’re in the mood to check out some of these cool Nashville murals, you can jump in the car and tour the city or you can visit the Camels & Chocolate blog, where they have provided a splendid and colorful celebration of Music City’s wonderful wall art.

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