Your Brand Personality – The Great Persuader!
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Your Brand Personality – The Great Persuader!


Your Brand Personality – The Great Persuader!

When it’s done right, brand messaging should inspire, persuade, and motivate your potential customers to action. If a business owner puts in the work, the “inspire and persuade” part often falls into place naturally. Most of us are proud and passionate about the product or service we offer, and it shows.

It’s that crucial last element – motivate – that often presents a problem. Potential customers visit your website and take in your compelling brand story, but when they get to that big, red “Buy Now” button, they hesitate, and they move on. You told a great story, but they were not motivated to buy.

So, what’s missing? In many cases, it’s that elusive emotional connection. In other words, you may have persuaded the head, but you failed to hit them in the heart. This is where your authentic brand personality can do a lot of the heavy lifting. Your brand personality is the thing that establishes that all-important emotional bond with your customer. Simply put, it’s the most powerful connection you can make.

Noted neuroscientist/author Antonio Damasio’s groundbreaking research confirmed the critical connection between emotion and action. Damasio worked with patients with lesions in the part of the brain that generates emotions. He found that his otherwise completely healthy subjects were hopeless when it came to making decisions. In fact, they were completely unable to make choices. 

Think about the last time you bought a car. Chances are, when it came down to the wire, logic took a back seat, and your emotional response tipped the balance.

In a chaotic and cluttered marketplace, a clear, easily understood message serves as one of the pillars of a brand that truly stands out. It should consistently address your potential customers problems, and how you’re the one to solve them. But remember to leverage your authentic personality and aim for the heart. As intangible or unspoken as they may be, emotions are the most powerful and compelling part of any buying decision.

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