There’s More to Graphic Design Than Meets the Eye
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There’s More to Graphic Design Than Meets the Eye


There’s More to Graphic Design Than Meets the Eye

What should you look for in a graphic designer? The first thing to be aware of is the difference between someone who can arrange images and type on a page and the professional graphic designer you hire to create your logo, your website, or your marketing materials. And yes, there’s a big difference.

The fact is most people have little knowledge of what goes into the work we do as designers and how that work, when it’s professionally and consistently executed, can contribute to their bottom line. In other words, for whatever reason, they just don’t fully understand the value of quality design. I get that; it’s not what they do.

As familiar as you are with goings on inside your business, it’s the perception of those outside your company that really matters. In addition to providing the various visual elements of your brand, a professional graphic designer can provide that fresh, objective view of your brand and how it fits into your market, helping you refine and design your message so that it aligns with your potential customers’ expectations.

One of the keys to any successful brand is consistency. A professional designer will establish strict standards to ensure that your brand remains recognizable and relevant over time in a highly competitive market. Keeping the various elements of your brand consistent is reassuring to potential customers and builds trust. 

Designers are, by nature, problem solvers. They put together visuals and messaging that reflect a company’s personality to attract the right customers. It may involve bringing clarity to a page overly cluttered with copy. Designers excel at delivering complex messages in an easily understood form. Oftentimes that involves knowing exactly what to remove so the overall message can shine through. A good designer knows that simplicity is key to making connections.

At Cronin Creative, we’re passionate about graphic design and fascinated by design in general. Everything around us, from streetscapes and signs to buildings to green spaces and gardens, bears the mark of a designer. Well-executed design moves people on an unconscious, emotional level, spurring them to take action. In other words, design is powerful, and your graphic designer stands ready to work with you to unleash that power to the benefit of you and your business.

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