The Colorful Art of Logo Design
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The Colorful Art of Logo Design

The Colorful Art of Logo Design

One of our favorite of the many and varied things we get to do at Cronin Creative is designing logos. Your logo is at the very heart of your brand. Think of it as the face of your business, that all-important first impression. Just as there are no two faces exactly alike, your logo should express with clarity what makes you unique, what makes your company the better choice. That’s a heavy load to carry, but that’s how important your logo really is. Aristotle said it best a long time ago: “The soul cannot think without an image.”

The right logo presents an accurate visual summary of your company’s offerings and mission in one compact symbol, creating an emotional connection with your customer. Working with clients in the development stage, we always present initial logo concepts in black and white, keeping color considerations out of the equation until a logo is selected. With the design finalized and everyone on the same page, we’re ready to explore those all-important color choices.

Color is such a powerful motivator. There’s a raft of research documenting the fact that certain colors evoke certain emotions (blue for trust, red for passion, green for eco-friendly, etc.). And emotions, of course, are the driving factor in most buying decisions.

Your brand and the colors associated with it should make potential customers feel at home while capturing the essence of what makes you unique. Step one in this colorful process is to take a hard look at what you do and who you do it for, objectively considering what emotions you want to evoke in your potential customer.

It’s worthwhile to do a bit of homework and learn what colors will work best for you and your business. Take your time. You want to be super comfortable with your decision, so it will wear well and feel good to you over the long run. Once you’ve finally settled on those colors, fully own them, and apply them consistently across all platforms.  

As close as you are to your business, it can be very difficult to take an objective view of the logo design process. One thing’s for sure; that sketch your nephew did on a napkin may be cool, but it is decidedly not your logo. Turning to a creative agency with the right mix of marketing strategy and design expertise can make all the difference in developing a logo that maximizes the chosen colors, clearly communicates your message, and stands the test of time. 

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