Maximize Your Impact with Graphic Design!
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Maximize Your Impact with Graphic Design!


Maximize Your Impact with Graphic Design!

For any new business and for many that are well established, the need to effectively communicate exactly what you do – the features, benefits and differentiators of your products or services – is more important than ever in reaching and moving your target customers. The market, the media, the world we live in, all are awash in advertising messages accompanied by distracting memes and seductive two-minute mini-movies about nothing. How can any message break through all of this to be heard and understood?

That’s where graphic design steps in to break through the clutter and leave an impression. We humans process visual data better and faster than any other type of data, 60,000 times faster, in fact. 90 percent of the information that comes into our brain and actually sticks is visual. In other words, we are biologically tuned to focus in on and respond to compelling images, which is what quality graphic design is all about.

We refer to Cronin Creative as a graphic design and communications firm as if graphic design and communication were two separate things. Yes, when we think of “communication,” we think of words, and we do craft a lot of high-quality content for our clients. But most of what gets communicated springs from the design side. Reading takes time and effort, but powerful graphics evoke an emotional response in a split second.

With 65 percent of us categorized as visual learners, fine-tuning and upgrading the visual aspects of your brand can be a worthwhile investment in your business. Consider your company’s logo. Is it visually compelling? Does it look professional? Does it effectively express what type of business you’re in? Does it distinguish your company in the marketplace?

Another visual centerpiece of your business is your website, specifically your site’s homepage. Graphic design plays an elemental role in grabbing and holding the attention of potential customers. Busy people accustomed to instant gratification tend to walk away when they encounter dense clusters of copy. Keep that homepage clean and spacious with compelling design elements that hold viewers’ attention.

If you’re business is creating and marketing a product, package design is key in conveying a high level of quality and in setting your product apart from the competition, clearly expressing a unique personality and an effective solution.

Social media has become an essential and effective marketing tool for all types of businesses, and it’s crowded out there. Distinctive, consistent, fun design elements can play a huge part in attracting and retaining interest and differentiating your business in a sea of social media messages. 

Of course, in all of your company’s communications, consistency is key. Crafting a brand message that clearly and concisely explains what you do, who you do it for, and why you’re the best choice is a fundamental step in any successful brand-building process. When you get that messaging right and you’re ready to make a powerful impact, call a graphic designer.

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