Spring Cleaning Part Two: Five Simple Ways to Tidy Up Your Brand
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Spring Cleaning Part Two: Five Simple Ways to Tidy Up Your Brand


Spring Cleaning Part Two: Five Simple Ways to Tidy Up Your Brand

In last week’s blog, we discussed the importance of spring cleaning for your brand. We’re following up this week with a few easy ways to take a fresh look at your brand and your marketing material. We’re talking about all that stuff that has your logo on it (and maybe even the logo itself). It’s time to make those positive adjustments and remove some of that accumulated clutter.

1. You don’t have to say everything at once. You may feel the need to let your audience know everything about you and your company. It’s understandable. You’re passionate about what you do, but too much information can lead to confusion and the loss of potential customers. Consider creating a series of those items in separate posts. This is a great way to break down your offerings, so they are easily digested. You can also repurpose that additional content for social media or advertising.

2. Make sure you’re addressing your customers pain and how you’re the one to solve their problem. Whatever business you’re in, you relieve some pain or ease some frustration for your clients. Always lead by making that point and forging that problem-solving connection.

3. Remove the clutter, adjust the color. Are you using too many colors or fonts? My rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Use one main color from your brand palette and maybe one or two additional colors for accents. The same goes for fonts. I generally stick to one or two fonts. Fonts usually come in “families” and you can find light, regular, bold, and italic options within that family to help highlight and accentuate points.

4. White space. So important! There’s currently a healthy trend on websites and in social media to make use of white space. Why not apply that to your brand as well? When there is a paragraph of text, I tend to use a smaller font size to open up the line spacing. This creates breathing room, so the text doesn’t look dense and feel impenetrable.

5. Take stock of what others are saying. It’s a good idea to periodically conduct a survey of what folks out there are saying about you and your business. And it’s easier than ever to do it. Put your name and your business name into a Google search and see what pops up. You might be surprised! You can also set up a Google alert that notifies you when you get a mention online.

These are just a few simple and effective ways to clear away the cobwebs and start the season fresh. Now get busy!

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