The Right Logo Will Take You Far
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The Right Logo Will Take You Far


The Right Logo Will Take You Far

Three decades ago, I was in the market for a good quality microphone for my humble home recording studio. I did some homework on the subject, hit the stores, and heard a lot of sales pitches. In the end, I took the advice of a knowledgeable friend. “Don’t skimp on your microphone,” he said. “Spend the money and buy an AKG414. It’s a great all-around microphone, and you’ll have it forever.”

Sure enough, that microphone has served me well for 30 years, and it still looks and sounds as good as the day I bought it. It was a stretch for me at the time, but it turned out to be a really great investment. Sometimes it just pays to pay more.

I offer that same advice to anyone thinking about creating, or even refreshing, their company’s logo. Your logo is at the very heart of your brand. Think of it as the face of your business, that all-important first impression. Just as there are no two faces exactly alike, your logo should express with clarity what makes you unique, what makes your company the better choice. That’s a heavy load to carry, but that’s how important your logo really is. Aristotle said it best a long time ago: “The soul cannot think without an image.”

Like that microphone, your logo isn’t just another purchase, it’s a long-term investment. Take your time, and take a helicopter view of your business. What exactly do you deliver? Who is your target audience? Where are they and what are they like? Who is your competition, and what do they look like? It’s vital that you ask the right questions, do the work, and dig deep. In other words, before you embark upon a logo design, know exactly what it is that you’re trying to express.

As close as you are to the subject, conjuring up that kind of objectivity can be challenging. A creative agency with the right mix of marketing strategy and design expertise can make all the difference in developing a logo that clearly communicates your message and stands the test of time.  

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