Striving for Awesome Simplicity
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Striving for Awesome Simplicity


Striving for Awesome Simplicity

At Cronin Creative, we’re always striving for simplicity. Delivering highly distilled content coupled with clean, spacious design, we are definitely of the less-is-more persuasion.

Among our heroes in that regard are German designer and minimalist Dieter Rams and groundbreaking art director George Lois. Both are referenced in the attached short article from Oakland, California-based Emotive Brands, “Simplicity Does Not Mean Simple: An Outside Perspective on the Art of Simplification.”

The article makes a strong case for simplification as it relates to the effective communication of a complex idea. The piece concludes with this quote from the late, great Charles Mingus that neatly sums up our own Creative mission.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple—that’s creativity.”

Check out the article here.

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