BIY (Blog It Yourself)
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BIY (Blog It Yourself)


BIY (Blog It Yourself)


Blogging for your business is a well-established way to highlight your expertise and bring your unique, authentic voice to a targeted online audience. It’s a great place to express your point of view and expound on topics relevant to your potential customers. Why, then, do so many business owners purchase pre-written blogs from a third-party source? While they may increase their SEO (search engine optimization), they miss a golden opportunity to express their SEO (singular expert opinion).

The excuse I hear most often – “I’m not a writer” – is reminiscent of another reply I hear a lot – “I’m just not a creative person.” To both of those statements I say, “nonsense.” By virtue of your humanity, you are a creative person, and, assuming you received any kind of basic education, you are also a writer.

In performing some comparative market analysis for a client recently, it was glaringly obvious that most of the blogs we encountered were provided by an outside source and were certainly not the voice of the company in question. While the subjects addressed were pertinent to the audience, the absence of a distinct and authentic voice leaves the reader with a bland, generic impression that does nothing to distinguish you or your unique approach to the product or service you provide.

I do understand that, for many people, writing may not be within close proximity of their comfort zone, but hey, that awkward place is where the growth happens. At the very least, if you really have trouble composing coherent sentences, share your thoughts and opinions and even a rough draft with a professional writer for polishing. Your authentic personality will shine through. 

My google search on this subject turned up countless “You Don’t Have to Write Your Own Blog” websites. Okay, I get that. You don’t have do it yourself. But if you want to reap the maximum benefit from your blog, you really should.

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