A Very Special Creative Relationship
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A Very Special Creative Relationship


A Very Special Creative Relationship

At Cronin Creative, as the name implies, we’re a creative bunch. I draw inspiration every day from those that came before me and the incredibly creative people I get to work with every day. So, I was happy to be reminded that two of my biggest inspirations, modernist architect Elliott Noyes and sculptor Alexander Calder, were more than contemporaries back in the 1950s and ‘60s. They were actually good friends who hung out together and continually inspired one another. The work they both produced during those years is a bold and lasting testament to the power of a special relationship. 

When Noyes left the bustle of Manhattan for the woods of New Canaan, Connecticut, the modernist home he designed and built for his family was created with his good friend’s quirky sensibility in mind, and Calder’s fanciful mobiles and sculptures were integral to the design and feel of the place from its inception. 

This short film explores a really cool era and a fascinating creative relationship. 

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