We Support The Bright Heart Foundation
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We Support The Bright Heart Foundation


We Support The Bright Heart Foundation

One of the real benefits of establishing our own design and communications firm has been the opportunity to work with some wonderful non-profits over the years. With February designated as American Heart Month by the American Heart Association, we’re currently focusing on The Bright Heart Foundation, a fantastic organization that advocates for and supports children and their families living with the challenges of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), while also providing support for the physicians who treat them. 

CHD affects about 40,000 newborns in the US each year. It’s a grueling, ongoing struggle for these kids and their parents. 

This video tells the story of Luke, the beautiful and brave 3-year-old son of our good friends Clint and Linda Pilkinton, founders of The Bright Heart Foundation. Luke is currently getting ready for yet another of many surgeries. Help out if you can, or just learn a bit about this tough disease, which for many of these kids is a lifelong battle. Click here to check out the Bright Heart Foundation video.

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