The Advantages of a Mixed Message
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The Advantages of a Mixed Message


The Advantages of a Mixed Message

A while back, working with a client on a marketing strategy, we began to review the various media we might consider when the client suddenly laid down the law. “We don’t do print, period,” were his exact words. As much as we tried to gently persuade him not to abandon print altogether, he was adamant. The client is always right, so we acquiesced and pursued the many digital alternatives. 

Having spent our formative years in the magazine business, we have a special place in our designers’ hearts for beautifully printed things. At the same time, we’re constantly amazed and inspired by the creative digital tools we’re able to utilize every day. 

Back in the pre-digital era, paper was the only game in town, and direct mail clogged mailboxes and desks to the point where artfully rendered marketing materials were routinely tossed in the wastebasket unread (the equivalent to your handy delete button). Today, the tables have turned, and inboxes are overstuffed with marketing messages to where we completely tune out. A printed newsletter or a simple handwritten note have become the exception, a tactile surprise that you can pick up and hold in your hands. Nice.

In an oversaturated marketing environment, the best answer lies in a strategic, symbiotic pairing of digital and analog, with print augmenting and enriching your digital marketing efforts, and vice versa. Through the magic of technological tools like QR codes and augmented reality, a simple piece of paper can unfold to offer customers great content and dazzling visuals and drive them to your digital channels. Conversely, social media puts a wide range of consumer data into your hands, facilitating a highly targeted direct mail campaign. 

Of course, the quality of your content and your messaging is at least as important as how they get delivered. Consistency is the key and utilizing the many media options available can open the door to great marketing results. Even as connected and empowered as we are by our digital devices, we’re not going to be pulling the plug on paper anytime soon. 

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