A Foundational Message That Resonates
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A Foundational Message That Resonates


A Foundational Message That Resonates

As co-creator of the NPR-produced podcast/blog “Planet Money,” author Adam Davidson has built a substantial fan base bringing complex economics down to earth for the less financially savvy among us. His new book, “The Passion Economy,” is an insightful look at the way business is evolving in the new “gig and hustle” economy of the 21st century.  

It’s a fascinating read, and I was barely 20 pages in when I hit a passage that stopped me in my tracks. Working with a variety of small businesses, we always stress the importance of crafting an authentic and compelling brand message as a foundational first step in building their brand. For Davidson, finding and clearly expressing that unique differentiator is a make-or-break move for many businesses.  

“Most businesses struggle because they fail to understand the value they are (or should be) creating or fail to capture the value they have created,” Davidson says. “Often a business fails in both ways.”

Understanding, really understanding, that thing that makes your offering unique and special is essential in the success of any business. For most entrepreneurs, it’s not as simple as it sounds. When formulating your messaging, it’s important to take the time to dig deep to find what is real and different about you and your offering. Those that devote the time and energy necessary for this process make a stronger connection with their target customer and are more successful. 

Davidson goes on to describe an evolving business landscape. Where the 20th century model was based on time-tested and largely unchanging rules, today’s is a more fluid and competitive environment, with businesses vying for customers who are overwhelmed by constant messages and seemingly limitless choices.

Finding what truly sets you and your business apart and effectively and consistently communicating that difference to a strategically targeted consumer is the key to breaking through in today’s increasingly cluttered marketplace. A foundational brand message that resonates and inspires is an essential first step in successfully finding your audience and making an impact. 

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