Infographics To The Rescue!
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Infographics To The Rescue!


Infographics To The Rescue!

With a tagline that celebrates “Clarity By Design,” one of our specialties here at Cronin Creative is taking complex ideas and concepts and distilling them down to their easily understood essence. Whether it’s introducing a new and not-so-easily explained business model or designing an effortlessly navigable website, our customers count on us to boil down those overly complicated ideas and concepts.

One of the best tools in delivering the kind of clarity that gets to the crux of a particular subject is the infographic. No matter the industry or the subject at hand, an expertly designed infographic provides a step-by-step explanation, a visually compelling illustration that walks the reader through the process and illuminates that “a-ha” lightbulb over his or her head. 

Any business owner knows how hectic life gets and how short attention spans have become in the age of instant gratification. You’ve got just a few seconds to hook that website visitor, so you’d better be ready to catch their eye. Infographics pull people in and hold them as they move through the explanation process. 

There’s another reason why infographics are so effective: People will choose to look at pictures over reading copy every time, and there’s a bit of science behind that preference. It’s called the “picture superiority effect,” a theory that posits that people are more likely to retain complex concepts when they are presented as images rather than words. Psychologists are still going back and forth on that one, but there’s no argument around here. When it’s time to break that convoluted message down to easily digested, bite-sized pieces, we’ll take an infographic every time. 

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