The Art Of Creative Problem Solving
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The Art Of Creative Problem Solving


The Art Of Creative Problem Solving

Every Sunday morning you’ll find me in a comfortable chair, pencil in hand, chipping away at the New York Times crossword. It may take hours, but I can’t help myself, I’ve just got to solve this thing! My creative, business and life partner Karen can get the same way with a jigsaw puzzle.

What pulls us to a puzzle? The answer is right there in the name of our company, Cronin Creative. As creative people we are drawn, even compelled to chase down the right creative solution. While it’s common practice to list “problem solvers” and “creatives” in two very separate columns – the former efficient and pragmatic and the latter flighty and all over the place – we have always rejected those stereotypes and shunned that separation. We know that we do our best work when we’re balancing the benefits of both sides of our brain.

Whatever problem we are looking to solve for our clients, whether it’s a tired brand message, a dated website, or the challenge of launching a new product into the marketplace, we apply everything we’ve learned while remembering that while knowledge is inherently limited, imagination is not.  

The late science fiction writer Brian Aldiss expressed it well when he said, “Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem.” Indeed, we believe a creative decision is also the best decision. In other words, by pushing the boundaries inside, outside and all around the proverbial box, we solve problems in creative ways.  

Me with my crossword and Karen with her puzzle, we’re both exercising that creative, problem-solving muscle, the part of ourselves that is always looking for the answer, the right fit, the perfect image or turn of phrase. We know there’s a creative solution in there somewhere, and one way or another, we’re going to find it! 

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