The Benefits of Strategic Website Design
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The Benefits of Strategic Website Design


The Benefits of Strategic Website Design

With his bestselling books and “Duct Tape Marketing” blog, John Jantsch is one of our go-to guys for business advice and insights. But when he starts a blog with this sentence – “Not to pick on web designers, but in today’s business world, you need to be thinking about so much more than just design when it comes to building out your website” – he’s preaching to the choir.

Here at Cronin Creative, where we’ve been designing websites for a long time, we fully understand that when it comes to your business’s web presence, beauty is important, but it is truly only skin deep. In other words, what’s under the hood is at least as important as what’s up front and visible to visitors. Jantsch sums it up well.

“You simply cannot design a website at the expense of content and SEO,” he says. “While there is a growing percentage of web designers who understand how to design strategically, there are still many business owners who have the “make my site pretty” mentality. By not keeping SEO, content, strategy, user experience, website functionality, and design in mind, companies risk losing business opportunities.”

A comprehensive strategy is indeed essential in designing a successful site. In the attached blog, Jantsch digs a little deeper, outlining sixteen ways to rev up your website’s homepage for maximum impact. Considering a website redesign or refresh? We’re here to help, and this blog is a worthwhile read. 

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