Looking for Inspiration? Be Prepared!
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Looking for Inspiration? Be Prepared!


Looking for Inspiration? Be Prepared!

Funny thing about creative inspiration, it can come from anyone or anywhere, from anything at any time. You just have to be there and be aware to catch it. This little red toy piano was recently re-gifted to me by my very grown up and musically talented daughter, who hammered out her first note clusters on this baby. The original inspiration!

Inspiration is often random, but it’s not necessarily about chaos. Whether we’re designing a website, refreshing a brand message or art directing a publication, whatever the project, we have the right tools and processes in place to ensure order, create space, and keep things in hand and on track. That same space is what allows those last minute, out-of-nowhere surprises to come in. In other words, when you’re all over the place and scattered, it’s easy to miss some of the good stuff.  

A lot of our best ideas come during a break in the action. Someone will say, “This is going to sound kind of crazy, but what if we…..” And there it is, the spark that ignites the project. It’s important to allow room for “a-ha” moments like that and to foster a culture that lets all participants feel free to voice even the goofiest of ideas. You just never know.  

So, we stick with the system and follow the steps that lead to good work and getting things done, but we remember to leave a little time to enjoy the scenery and maybe take those little creative detours along the way. Like that little toy piano, they can lead you to some very interesting places. 

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  • Johnnie

    August 13, 2020 at 5:33 pm Reply

    LOVE this, seeing as I’ve know Caroline since she plunked those first notes!

    Miss seeing you guys!
    Johnnie and Bill

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