Make Good Design A Priority!
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Make Good Design A Priority!


Make Good Design A Priority!

The mountain of marketing messages we’re all hit with every day can be overwhelming. It also presents a challenge for the graphic designer. It’s our job to get our client’s message to stand out in this roiling sea of information and graphics.

So, what’s a designer to do? We turn to a system known as “visual hierarchy.” A good designer knows how to prioritize information and guide the viewer’s eye where it needs to go to maximize the clarity and the impact of the story being told.

Without this visual hierarchy, the viewer either takes in so much that nothing sticks, or, more likely, he or she just takes a hike. That’s pretty much the difference between a simple “layout” and high quality, high-impact graphic design.

While the graphic designer takes the time to consider things like various reading patterns, typefaces and sizes, white space, etc., the client is understandably more concerned with simply breaking through the noise to be seen and clearly understood.

Are your marketing materials working for you? It can be helpful to solicit an objective opinion or two. Simply present your website, collateral and related materials and ask for those off-the-top-of-the-head opinions. Is the message crystal clear? Can they see what you’re selling? Would a viewer be compelled to find out more? You’ve only got a few seconds to grab and hold a potential customer, so that first impression is everything.

At the end of the day, it’s a good idea to trust a professional graphic designer with the job of crafting marketing materials that will actually cut through the clutter while delivering maximum ROI for your marketing dollar.

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