Content Marketing & Your Bottom Line
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Content Marketing & Your Bottom Line


Content Marketing & Your Bottom Line

We hear the term “content marketing” all the time, but how many folks really know what it means or how to make it work? Those that do understand are often way too busy to follow through with the kind of strategic effort that actually delivers results.

So, what is it and why does it matter? Content marketing focuses on consistently creating and distributing relevant content (blogs, newsletters, white papers, etc.) that is designed to attract a well-defined audience and inspire that audience to take action. It’s an opportunity to showcase your personality, your expertise, and the unique value your company brings to your particular market.

Of course, the key word here is “consistently,” and that’s where most people fall short. Taking a scattershot approach to your content marketing is very much akin to doing nothing. Without that consistency, your posts never get “sticky” and your message tends to get lost. In other words, to take full advantage of the many benefits content marketing offers, you have to show up and deliver on a regular basis.

While many businesses employ content marketing, most of them produce meager results at best. According to online marketing guru Neil Patel, only nine percent of B2B marketers rate their organization as “very effective” at content marketing.

So, what’s the solution? For many businesses, the answer lies in finding the right creative partner to craft and facilitate a well thought out plan. In other words, get out of the way, hand it off (to Cronin Creative!) and let the experts do it and do it right. For a relatively modest investment, you will outpace your competitors with consistent, relevant content that speaks to their needs.

The many benefits of this kind of living, breathing content marketing strategy include increased visibility for your brand, a stronger relationship with your target audience, increased web traffic and a more robust email list, and more of those all-important word-of-mouth referrals, all of which adds up to a healthier bottom line.

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