Can’t Get To Work? Work On Your Business!
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Can’t Get To Work? Work On Your Business!


Can’t Get To Work? Work On Your Business!

The Coronavirus is here, and it’s really doing a number on businesses large, small and in between. It’s been inspiring to see the creative ways people have found to keep things rolling and stay focused on doing business, even if it isn’t business as usual.

If there is a bright side in the midst of all this uncertainty, it might just lie in the opportunity to step back and reflect on recent challenges and successes from a safe, six-foot distance. In other words, this could be the right time to do some work on your business.

How is your brand messaging holding up? Are your website and online presence where they need to be? How can you create new opportunities going forward? These are some of the questions you can toss around between Zoom sessions. You might gain some new perspective in the process.

As husband/wife business owners, Cronin Creative decided (two days ago!) that this was the perfect time for another company retreat, just the two of us. We’re fortunate, through a great friend, to have access to a cabin in the mountains where we can spend two focused days working on our business in all kinds of ways. Whether it’s a “white board” session or a hike in the hills, good ideas get tossed around, goals get set, and clarity sets in. We also appreciate the team-building power of sharing great food and drink, and letting our imaginations run wild.

These are certainly times that  challenge our imaginations as well as our endurance. Our hearts are with our fellow business owners and everyone experiencing difficulties. Let’s all make the best use of the space between us and the time we’re saving not battling the traffic on the commute to work!

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