Infographics Go Viral
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Infographics Go Viral


Infographics Go Viral

They’re eye-catching and informative, and they help bring lofty ideas down to earth, making complex concepts easier to understand. We are, of course, referring to infographics. With human attention spans having devolved steadily down to around eight seconds, a strategically designed infographic holds the reader so those ideas and concepts actually get absorbed and understood.

Here in the new reality of the Coronavirus, the ability to quickly bring clarity to a complex issue has never been more important. In that sense, infographics are currently doing the vital work of clearly communicating the progression of this devastating virus.

So, what exactly is an infographic? Basically, it’s a combination of content, data and graphic design crafted to transform dry, esoteric subject matter into a compelling, easily understood graphic. For marketers of all stripes, they have long served an important role.

At Cronin Creative, we’ve designed infographics that have served and continue to serve a variety of marketing needs across a wide spectrum of business types. But with the rise of COVID-19, the importance of this kind of graphic explanation has never been clearer. Delivering accurate, easily digested information has literally become a matter of life and death.

On a more personal note, in this time of uncertainty, we are thinking of our clients, friends and peers. Like you, we’re working every day and we’re here to help with whatever you need. Let’s all come together (by staying apart) in the fight to beat this virus.

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