Looking For Insights? Talk To Your Clients!
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Looking For Insights? Talk To Your Clients!


Looking For Insights? Talk To Your Clients!

When we established Cronin Creative 13 years ago, we immediately started helping clients with quality graphic design and messaging to maximize the power of their brands. While we were helping others discover and express their uniqueness in the market, we realized we needed to help ourselves in crafting our own distinctive brand.

We decided to interview our best clients to gather their impressions of our company and our work. It was a great decision. The valuable (and free) feedback we received was key in unearthing our own authentic value proposition and company tagline, and it pointed to a way ahead.

In the best cases, the “interview” became more of a conversation, warming up the relationship, creating better rapport, and moving things from a vendor/customer focus to more of a partnership.

Mail your client a survey and you may get more data and information, but nothing beats a live, one-on-one encounter in getting to the emotions behind their choices and learning what they really need. In some cases, it can be an opportunity to fill them in on some of your additional offerings. The phone is good, but an in-person meeting is even better.

If you’re looking for insights into the real value of your product or service, there’s no better place to go than right to the source – the people who are paying you for that value.

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