Real Life Is Trending
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Cronin Creative - Real Life Is Trending

Real Life Is Trending

In this business of delivering compelling design and messaging to a variety of clients, it’s imperative that we stay on top of trends. Whether it is a logo, website, or copy, we work to keep the messaging current and relevant to an audience today. We also keep a close eye on the fine line between keeping abreast of trends and being “trendy.”

While current and future trends in mind, I came upon a pertinent article on the Adobe website. Author Brenda Mills not only addresses upcoming design trends (more analog working together with digital, a return to art deco shapes and colors, etc.), she also explores some intriguing new trends in photography, including Adobe’s new approach to their stock image library.

Stock photography libraries, which designers draw from when marketing budgets don’t allow for custom photo shoots, are infamous for their bland, overly posed photos. Adobe is taking a stand, answering the need to feature more diverse and realistically portrayed people and situations, a refreshing turn toward a more honest-and-believable approach.

Check out Adobe’s article here. The future is here, and it’s real!

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