Marty Stuart Comes Over!
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Marty Stuart Comes Over!


Marty Stuart Comes Over!

Marty Stuart is everywhere these days. While he’s never been one of those Stetson-wearing “hat acts,” Marty has always worn more hats than your average country star. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental virtuoso, historian, archivist, he really embodies all things country. Marty’s skills as a master storyteller are currently on view via his frequent appearances as a talking head on Ken Burns’ acclaimed PBS documentary, “Country Music.”

Happily for us, Marty has also been a regular visitor here at Cronin Creative, working side by side with our own Karen Cronin on the design of the beautiful hardcover book/CD package celebrating the 20th anniversary of his 2010 release, The Pilgrim, one of many projects we’ve worked on together.

Beautifully written (another of Marty’s skills) and artfully designed, the book captures the singer at the end of his ’90s major-label hit-making run and at his creative peak, with guests including everyone from Tom Petty to George Jones to Jerry Lee Lewis to Keith Richards to his former boss, Johnny Cash.

Out of the ashes of that landmark project (it flopped on the charts) Stuart has risen like a traditional country music phoenix, building a uniquely multi-faceted career that transcends genres and trends.

Here at Cronin Creative, we couldn’t be prouder to be part of it.

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