Does Your Website Have Curb Appeal?
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Does Your Website Have Curb Appeal?


Does Your Website Have Curb Appeal?

Having recently survived the selling of a house, I am very familiar with the term “curb appeal.” It’s that all-important first impression a potential buyer receives upon pulling up in front of your home for the first time. No matter what business you’re in, it’s imperative that you give strong consideration to the curb appeal of your website’s homepage. If that initial attraction isn’t there, your potential customers will never get past your site’s front door. It’s all too easy to just drive away.

It’s not just about looks. Keeping things clean and attractive is key, but it’s also about the right fit. Does your homepage speak directly and clearly to the audience you’re trying to reach? What exactly are your customers looking for? Be sure to express that message clearly and quickly. You’ve got about three seconds to grab their attention and walk them into your “house.”

Have a Plan
Know who you’re trying to reach and focus in on how your product or service will help them or solve some specific problem. Build your messaging from there, stick with it, and be consistent.

Design For Clarity
The design of your website, and particularly your homepage, is critical to effectively expressing your brand difference. A good designer will provide visual clarity, while an experienced designer will ensure a look that distinguishes your business while fitting into the vibe of your particular industry. Talent and experience – when choosing a website designer, insist on both of these attributes.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush
State who you are, what product or service you provide and what makes you unique and special right upfront. Keep it short and sweet.

Stay Out of the Weeds
Your homepage is not the place for details of your business or an opportunity to talk about yourself. That’s what the interior pages of your site are for.

Freshen Up the Place
Maybe you’re not looking to completely replace or even fully re-design your current website. Don’t let that stop you from tweaking or updating your homepage. Adding video content or offering a free e-book are examples of ways to hold an audience while upping your SEO game.

Overall, your homepage should be about a highly distilled, impactful message delivered as clearly and simply as possible. Life is messy and cluttered enough. You don’t want to be bringing that stuff home!

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