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At Cronin Creative, we leverage the power of great design and strategically targeted branding to break through the din and deliver clarity to the lives of our clients, their companies and their customers. We are designers, writers, creatives, and very good listeners. We are a company on a mission. Cronin Creative. Clarity By Design™.


About Face

Fonts and I go way back. From my earliest art school days, typefaces, and all that they convey and represent, have just captivated me. Different typefaces can express different eras, as well as countless moods and personalities. In short, they elevate and illuminate the words on the page.Back in those pre-computer days, before Microsoft Word lived on every desktop, knowledge of fonts was limited to graphic designers, printers and the like, and not yet part of the larger culture. But these days, when I mention Times New Roman or Garamond or Helvetica, people actually know what I’m talking about.
Even though I’m an admitted font snob, I was recently reminded that I still have a lot to learn about my favorite typefaces.

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Andy Warhol’s Creative Jeans

At the dawn of his career, pop art pioneer Andy Warhol went to work as a magazine illustrator, eventually going on to become one of the most successful commercial artists of the 1950s. Early on, Warhol learned that effective “commercial art” occupies that sweet spot where art and commerce dance together, and he continued to freely combine those two disparate worlds in his most iconic work.Before establishing her own acclaimed design studio in the early 1980s, graphic designer Jennifer Morla served as art director for Levi Strauss & Co. Looking to bolster the brand against newer, hipper competitors, Morla concocted a campaign featuring several noted artists, including Warhol (himself a Levi’s wearer) to create original art for an ad campaign.

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  • Armistead Arnold Pollard

    “With everything we’ve worked on together, there is a signature, definable Cronin Creative look, and I really identify with it. I consider them a part of the team.” – Shannon Pollard, Partner, Armistead Arnold Pollard Real Estate Services, LLC


    “We lean on Cronin Creative to step up quickly. Because they truly understand SESAC, they’re able to turn the work around in a very timely manner. That’s huge for us.” – Ellen Truley, Vice President, Corporate Communications, SESAC, Inc.

  • Discipleship Ministries

    “No matter what the assignment might be, whether it’s a last-minute thing or a higher-end project, Cronin Creative meets the deadline and brings an uncommon freshness and energy to the task.” – Steve Horswill-Johnson, Executive Director of Communications & Brand Strategy, Discipleship Ministries, The United Methodist Church

  • Marty Stuart

    “When it was time to do our television show, Karen Cronin and I had already done a lot of CD packaging and books and side projects together, so I knew that the set for the TV show was just a matter of turning the wheel in yet one more direction. We had one conversation, and I knew Cronin Creative had it covered. I’m spoiled.” – Marty Stuart


We collaborate with the best and brightest to provide our clients with true brand clarity through exceptional design.


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Alan Shuptrine Exhibition Catalog

We jumped at the chance to design the commemorative book for Alan Shuptrine: Appalachian Watercolors of the Serpentine Chain, an exhibition currently on view at the Tennessee State Museum. Shuptrine's nationally renowned watercolors and handcrafted frames pay tribute to the land and people found along the Appalachian Trail. Be sure to check out this amazing exhibit (and while you're there, pick up a copy of the Cronin Creative-designed book!)

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Marathon Pilates

Establishing a presence in Nashville's burgeoning 12 South neighborhood, Marathon Pilates turned to Cronin Creative to create a compelling brand.

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Meridian At Providence

With the tagline, "Life. Centered.," Cronin Creative's branding and marketing campaign showcased the upscale lifestyle and strategic location of this new apartment complex, located just outside of Nashville in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

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